"Calling black cumin a magical cure would certainly be an exaggeration, but it is almost impossible not to exaggerate its effectiveness." - Peter Schleicher, M.D.
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Black Seed Oil Capsules (500mg | 60 Caps)
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Posted by : Mohammed on 29-Jun-2005
This is excellent. It is very convinient to take the capsules than the oil. I find this very useful and beneficial.
Posted by : maha on 24-Sep-2007
Assalamu alikum to all. i have started to take this better molen capsules and to level my suger in my body. i feel it has change me, i feel as if im losing weight and feeling more at balance altogether. the only thing i feel it that sometime you can afford it. it might be abit on the expensive side for those who many not be able to buy it. i feel it has helped me, i feel different and i stay full for a longer time. by the way it has helped me in the bless month of ramadhan.
Posted by : Wendy Leech on 27-Oct-2008
Having suffered from a underactive thyriod for severel years, my neck started to swell and enlarge. The swelling began to interfere with my wind pipe and i was aware that my breathing was being restricted. My G.P. diagnosed an infection and told me that my only options were to live with it, steriod injections or having my thyiod removed. A friend suggested i take black seed oil, within 2 weeks my thyriod started to reduce and my energy levels also increased. I now feel so much better. Thanks Shifa!
Posted by : . on 14-Feb-2008
asalamualaiykum i was always getting ill because my immune system wasn't very strong and i have been taking these capsules and i feel much better it has changed me a lot.
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