"Calling black cumin a magical cure would certainly be an exaggeration, but it is almost impossible not to exaggerate its effectiveness." - Peter Schleicher, M.D.
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Pure Black Seed Oil - Cold Pressed (100ml)
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Posted by : Missy on 28-Jun-2006
I suffered from severe bouts of hayfever and decided to use black seed in it's original seed and oil form and actually found relief where anit-histamines had finally failed!! (Relief from scratching my eyes out and migraine like headaches from all the sneezing). I referred my brother to black seed who suffered more than I did and amazingly he too found a reduction in his hayfaver symptoms. My symptoms have reduced by about 90% but I am confident that by continued use I may actually acheive 100% relief so much so that I have ordered the black seed tablets. I also found that applying a little amount of black seed oil to my face as part of my night care routine my complexion and skin has cleared and brightened. I definitely recommend using black seed and am waiting for Shifa Life herbs to come up with facial creams and other products using Black seed.
Posted by : Ibrahim on 21-Feb-2007
Assalamu-alaikum. I have suffered from eczema, hayfever and athsma basically all of my life. People who have these conidtions have very sensitive immune systems, which go into almost hyper mode when the body feels it is being attacked from things such as dust or pollen or whatever, and thats why we tend to itch and have all of those symptoms. The thing about modern medicine is that it can only provide you with temporary relief. I have been regularly taking black seed oil for a few days now and alhamdulillah things are already getting better. my condition seems to be getting better. Inshallah with continued use I think i might even be able, with Allah's leave, to cure these diseases. Theres something in our blood called IGE, and most people with allergies have very high amounts of it, and with black seed oil this number can go down. In fact, there was a study done quite some time ago with people who had allergies and they were given black seed capsules and the tests showed that their IGE levels went down. So yeh, I think alhamdulillah we are given a natural cure and a blessed one and we should use it to our advantage. Ilnesses like hayfever and eczema and athsma can be cured with patience and regular intake of black seed oil in moderation. Inshallah Allah will give us Shifa.
Posted by : yasmin akhtar on 07-Jun-2007
pure black seed oil
Posted by : omar iqbal on 11-Aug-2008
the black seed oil is very effective and worked straightaway for me.........AlhamduLILLAH Brilliant i recommend it and will be buying from you again inshaALLAH Many thanks
Posted by : ismail on 25-Oct-2009
I would recommend this if you suffer from diebetes or high bloodpressure levels, i had bought this for my father who suffers from both of these diseases and alhamdulilah he is more active and his diebetes levels are at 'should be' level. Thanks
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